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Carpe Diem, "Seize the Day," and let me help you champion your best life. Drawing from my extensive fitness knowledge and athletic experience, I provide professional personalized fitness consultation and custom design programs that help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Please take a look at my services and choose one that suits your ambitions.


One on one or group in person or virtual training, classes, or clinics.  I design custom programs that are tailored to your goals.



It is GO TIME! Be held accountable for your more excuses.  Set a fitness goal and let me help you achieve it.  I design daily accountability strategies for your personal fitness and nutrition. Daily check-ins via text help make sure you are sticking to the plan.  I will be one of your biggest fans that will provide you with personal one-on-one support, guidance, and the tools to help you achieve those goals.

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What is your why and motivation to stay healthy and fit?  Let's find it and make it happen.  I design daily action plans and strategies that help you move closer to attaining your goals.


Run faster, more efficient, and injury free. Running stride video analysis can help take your running to the next level.



You have high goals for your lacrosse career, so did I.  Through hard work and strategic planning you can achieve your goals.  Preparedness is the key to success.  Let me share my extensive lacrosse experience as a player, coach, referee, and conditioning trainer and help take your game to the next level.


Keeping kids active, healthy, and fit. Whether it’s sport specific skills training, fitness games or activities, my creative kids programs keep kids moving and having fun!

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Meet Lauren:
Lauren Sposito Truono has been a dedicated fitness professional for over 27
years. Using her wide array of knowledge and experience in
personal training, group fitness instruction, and sports coaching;
Lauren’s mission is to help others develop exercise and life-style
strategies which keep them healthy, happy, and thriving. She has had
the privilege to train and coach countless of youth and adult athletes
across the country to reach their athletic and fitness goals.
Lauren received her B.S. in Business from Babson College. She is a
Certified Personal Trainer, certified by the National Academy of
Sports Medicine (NASM), Certified Youth Fitness Specialist and
Fitness Nutrition Specialist by the American Council on Exercise
(ACE) In addition, she is a Certified Running Coach and has
organized youth running clubs and programs. Additional areas of
expertise and certifications include: Family Fitness, TRX, Spinning,
Water Fitness, Zumba, Boot Camp, and Mat Pilates.
Lauren has worked in a variety of educational settings. She taught
physical education and coached at the Palm Beach Day School in
Palm Beach, FL and at the Meadowbrook School in Weston, MA.
She has trained and coached lacrosse players at various levels:
beginners to collegiate.
Committed to practicing what she preaches. Lauren was a
competitive two-sport (field hockey and lacrosse) captain at both the
Loomis Chaffee School and Babson College. Her strong work ethic
earned her recognition as an All-Conference Athlete. After college
she continued to play lacrosse and was selected to play for both the
Northeast and Southeast regional teams in the National Tournament.
In addition, her competitive spirit entered the world of running. She
has run over 50 marathons and half-marathon around the world

including: Boston, New York, Hawaii, Italy, Chicago, and Miami. It
was in the Miami marathon that she ran her best time of 3:09.
Lauren has also completed 7 Ultra Marathons including a first place
finish in the Nantucket “Rock Run”, a 50 mile beach run around the

Lauren’s true joy is spending time with her family. She has been
married to her husband Phil for 12 years and feels blessed to have
two children Lilly (8) and Nicholas (6) that serve as her inspiration
to be a positive role model. Lauren’s diagnoses with Lupus 14 years
ago helps keep her humble and appreciative of every moment. Her
favorite Latin phrase is Carpe Diem, “Seize the Day” and hopes to
inspire that spirit in those who surround her.

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"I have been working with Lauren for over 20 years.  Besides being a great trainer, she is an awesome person, kind, caring and understands what each person needs to be healthy.  I first went to Lauren after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The chemotherapy cured my cancer but left me with osteoporosis.  At that time I was a total blob, doing very little exercise.  But that all changed after I started working with Lauren who assessed my needs and coached me to be the healthy, active person I am today.
Lauren is extremely flexible.  She has designed programs for me at the Nantucket Health Club, at my home in Boston, in my yard on Nantucket and even inside the little cottage when it rains.  She developed a TRX training program for me, when I indicated interest.  We strapped the TRX to a tree in my yard.  And when my grandchildren arrived, Lauren also designed  Family FunTime Fitness for all of us to do together.-babies to grandparents. 
I am forever grateful.  Now I love to exercise and have never been healthier.  I can't believe I am 76 years old and going strong.  Thanks, Lauren.  You made it all happen!

Nancy Berry

"Lauren designed a plan for me that allowed me to continue my workouts in spite of injuries and joint issues I've been experiencing.  And she followed through to provide me the support I needed to keep working towards my goals!
Thanks Lauren!

Reid Rafter
Director of Tennis Commodore Tennis Academy
Saint Andrew's School

"Lauren's experience brings 30x top notch approach to individual or group training and to a variety of individual fitness levels....Her thoughtful approach to safe and effective training insures that each person receives a custom and safe workout for each client.  She is careful, considerate instructor who aims to deliver the safest and best fitness system to each client.  Lauren is highly trained and very motivated to give each person a personal workout program to bring optimum success for each individual to reach their fitness goals safely.

C. Romano

"I had the pleasure of teaching with Lauren as my co-teacher of Physical Education at the Meadowbrook School of Weston for four years.  Lauren has the ability to look a student in the eye and make them believe they can achieve greatness.  She will look at the whole person and help her clients become stronger, faster, and healthier.  Lauren will learn how to push the right buttons so her clients can be the version of themselves.  This is a rare quality.  Lauren is the Tony Robbins of fitness."

Michael Snoddy
Meadowbrook School
Director of Below The Rim Baskeball Camp

"I run quite a bit, but I rarley think about my form.  Lauren was able to analyze my technique with some short video submissions within a few days.  She gave me some great insight on my foot strike, posture, tempo, and overall form that I continue to work on everyday.  I highly recommend her running analysis to anyone looking to improve their overall running ability."

Matthew Sposito

"I trained with Lauren for many years on Nantucket.  She is a very experienced, excellent trainer.  She WILL help you reach your optimal fitness milestones.  She is easy to work with and is goal oriented.  I highly recommend her."

Joe Romano